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Previous Courses and Workshops

  • DIY: Build your business in freelance science communication [Instructor: Marley Parker]

    This course focuses on how to build a business (whether it's a side-hustle or a full-time career) as a freelance science communicator. Over four weeks, we will cover essential tools and insights including how to: 1. Grow your network 2. Get tech savvy 3. Get paid 4. Keep it real

  • Think Fast! Enhancing your SciComm with the Science of Learning and Improv [Instructors: Melanie Peffer, Brian Palermo]

    Have you ever been out in the field talking science to someone and had it go poorly? Didn’t know how to respond and missed an opportunity? Or received either a harsh or no response? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Join your peers in one (or both!) of the Think Fast! workshops. We’ll learn how to design science communication endeavors using the science of learning, while also learning principles of improv to help with delivery and responding to your audience. While each workshop will have a similar set up, each will be different enough that you can attend both and learn more, or come to one! Come ready to learn and have some fun!

  • How to use social media to communicate science and why you should [Instructor: David Shiffman]

    Modern communications tools make it easier than ever before in human history for experts to share their expertise with the interested public. When properly mastered, social media tools can supercharge your outreach. In this workshop, we will work through the strengths and weaknesses of several leading social media tools, starting at first principles and building to advanced strategies. There will be several hands-on interactive activities. Instructor: David Shiffman