1. This week's objectives

    2. Misinformation in and about science

    3. OECD Report on Public Communication : The Global Context and the Way Forward - Read chapter 6

    4. Misinformed about the ‘infodemic?’ science’s ongoing struggle with misinformation

    5. "Canal Detox" : one example of a strategy designed by a public institution

    1. This week's objectives

    2. Considering different types of interventions

    3. Inoculation and prebunking : example of a serious game created by Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab

    4. Debunking interventions - identifying the topics you want to cover

    1. This week's objectives

    2. check list

    3. Testing your intervention

    1. This week's objectives

    2. Study : Mediatization of science within the scientist-journalist relationship

    3. Study : " How influencers communicate on Instagram about dieting and exercise: mixed methods research"


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  • 4 live sessions 8:00-9:30am Pacific Standard Time: Feb 20, 27, Mar 5, Mar 12


Lèa Surugue

Léa is a science writer and public information officer at Inserm in France: a pioneer when it comes to tackling the issues of fake news and common myths that plague the world of science and health. Even before the pandemic, they worked to produce and share different, innovative formats to debunk fake news and explain the science behind common misconceptions.